Thursday, May 18, 2017

8 Fun Things to Do With the Kids This Summer

    Summer time is coming which means that school will be getting out for the summer. For a stay at home mom, this could be exciting because the kids will be home to play or, if you're like me, you may not know what to do all day to keep the kids happy and entertained. I've come up with a list of things that are cheap and easy to do that could keep the kids entertained for a little while.

  1.  On a really hot day, have a water balloon fight. Stores are now selling super easy to fill water balloons that tie themselves. You could fill them up over two different laundry baskets and place them on either side of the yard or outdoor area and have at it. 
  2. Our backyard is fenced in with a wooden fence. I know that some parents will not like this idea, but I let my kids write on our fence with chalk. The kids have the whole area to make stories or draw and it can easily be washed clean with a good rainfall of a hose. If you would rather not let your child draw on the fence, sidewalks work too. 
  3. Jump rope! I remember spending so many hours outside with a jump rope. It was even better if It was a long one and we could take turns with jump rope rhymes. 
  4. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is gardening. I made a raised garden bed on the other side of our fence in our driveway. You can always put one in your yard (which is more sensible), but our dogs like to dig up things, so it's away from them. My kids love to garden! They love being able to water the garden and once the vegetables or fruits are ready, the kids feel proud to pick them. This is also a good way to get them to eat healthy foods. They want to eat what they grow. Another plus: It's a great learning experience.
  5. Go to the park! If you're brave enough to take the kids, they could spend all day there. I usually take the kids either early in the morning or a little bit in the afternoon when the park isn't as busy.
  6. Pitch a tent in the backyard! This will provide shade for you too. The kids will love running around in there and can run in and out as they please.

  7. Have a picnic. Set a blanket or table cloth outside and eat outside. It's different from what the kids normally do and it will feel special to them.
     8. The last idea is just plain old crafts. You can find many that you can do outside like building a bird feeder or even paint something. I like to tie dye clothes as well. It's fun to do it outside because you don't have to worry about dying something you don't want to. This is a craft the kids and I did yesterday- it may not look pretty, but they had fun!
Haha- I really needed the right kind of paint brush for the words.

I hope that I gave you some new ideas for playing outside and keeping busy during the summer. What other ways to you keep you and the kids entertained?


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