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Welcome to Figuring It Out 101's Resource Page! These are some of my favorite things that I like to recommend to moms, dads, and even those without kids!

For Starters!

One thing that I've been learning is that in order for your blog to be successful, you're going to need help. If you haven't seen all of the ways to get that help, Pinterest is a very big one. Unfortunately, to really get help from Pinterest, you're going to need to pin... A LOT! One thing that has really helped me is the Tailwind App.  Tailwind helps to take away most of the work when it comes to figuring out when to pin and what to pin and where to pin.

I was very skeptical about it, at first, but if you click this link to Tailwind, you can try it risk free. Tailwind doesn't even ask you for your credit card, so that one me over for my trial period. Tailwind.

Figuring It Out's Spotlight:

If you love to read or listen to books, this is a great deal to get unlimited books!

Are you or someone you know having a baby? Check out Amazon's baby registry.

Having your own business has never been easier than with this!

I got this for my kids when we bought them their first Kindle and it has been great for learning and entertaining. Also- check this out this offer so you don't have to surrender your phone to your kids!
This is like my favorite thing. If I forget to get someone a gift, I go to Amazon, find the gift of my choice, and ship it for free to whichever family or friend it goes too with only 2 day shipping. I also get to watch certain movies for free as well as many other awesome options.

My Favorite Cash Back Apps!

Ibotta is my favorite app to get cash back. It's like reverse couponing. Most of the items that I get cash back on are items that I was already going to buy. If you've completed each monthly task, you have the opportunity to make a few more $. I've made back over $100 my first year of using. You can also make some cash back by referring friends. Click the this link to sign up!

Checkout 51 is very similar to Ibotta, but it doesn't have referral program. It takes me a little while longer to build up the amount, but you can claim the same discounts that you do with Ibotta. Checkout 51

SavingStar is like Checkout 51, except sometimes they want you to redeem things in multiple counts and other times they just want you to redeem things one at a time. The good news is that you don't have to redeem everything on the same receipt and they will allow you to buy things from a brand category instead of all of the same item. They also will let you register a loyalty card so you don't always have to take a picture of the receipt. SavingStar

Money Making/Ambassador App

Heartbeat is an app that will pay you to be a brand influencer/ambassador. When you sign up, you get to enter you details and sign your Instagram and Facebook apps up with them in order to help you with your campaign. The more you influence, the more you're worth. Oh, you also make money by referring your friends! Sign up with Heartbeat, try out new products for honest reviews, and have fun! Click this link to try out Heartbeat.

Influenster is another app that will let you try out new products for an honest review. You won't earn anything to try them out, but you still get to try new products. I've received anything from margarine- shampoo to try. You get to tell them what interests you have and you will receive a Vox Box (the thing the product comes in) or a campaign to get you in the running, whenever you qualify. Try Influenster, today! Influenster


I didn't know have an easy way to recommend this to you, so I embedded a Facebook message. When it come to baking, I love it! However, cooking a meal every day can become so tiring to me, so I like to order out from time to time. If you use this referral code- you can get $10 towards your first order of $15 to use GrubHub. Keep a lookout because restaurants can change everyday.

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