Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Paint In A Bag- A Mess Free Activity For Your Child

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My kids are messy when it comes to arts and crafts. When they were younger and even more clumsy, I used to rip a head and arm holes into garbage bags and throw them over my children's heads so they could wear them and the bags would act as aprons to keep their craft off of them. Then I would lay table clothes on the floor under them so that clean up was easy and efficient.

I always want them to be creative, but I don't like the headache of cleaning up after them.

Imagine my delight when I first heard of suggestion of painting in a bag. "What's that?" you ask?

Oh, it's so simple! You literally put paint into a gallon bag and then let your kids move it around.

What You Need

  • Clear Gallon Bags- I find that those that zip work better because they seal better. 
  • Paint- Any type of liquid craft paint should work. I recommend something that's nontoxic and washable for the kids. (It should be obvious, but no spray paint or paint for a house with toxic fumes)

  • White Sheet of Paper- I used computer paper, but any sheet of paper will work. 
  • Tape- (optional)  Masking or something wider than clear tape works best. 
  • Glitter- (optional)

What to Do

Step 1: Pour in any colors that your child likes. Try to keep them separate from each other so your kids can work them together. Add colors that blend into different colors. Ex: Pour red next to yellow for orange. Add glitter, if you'd like, but you'll need a lot of it to show.

My daughter wanted pink and white so she could make a lighter pink.

Step 2: Seal the bag and tape over the white piece of paper. The tape is to hold the bag in place. I skipped this step because I misplaced the tape. The paper is there to help as background of sorts. Once your child has finished blending, they can run push the paint around and make "pictures" with the white background. 

Step 3: Enjoy!


This is an activity that my kids like to do. 

Unfortunately, now that they are older, it doesn't hold as much appeal for them as it used to. My daughter who is seven likes to play with this for a few minutes before wanting to paint "for real". Perhaps if I had more of the other colors that she likes, she would have played longer. 

My youngest who is four, still enjoys doing this more and spent more time playing with this. 

I think that if we were in the car, traveling, this would be a huge time passer as long as the paint stayed in the bag. 

Questions for you

What do you think of this project?
Are there any tips that you'd recommend?
Have you tried this before?
Are their similar projects that you've done before?

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Monday, February 18, 2019

How to Make a Sensory Bottle

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I love sensory bottles. I love to shake them up watch as all the glitter and other objects swirl in them and head to the bottom.

When my oldest started having difficulty at school and then at home, I became particularly interested in them as a way to time time outs with hopes that they would be an easy and painless way to get my son to settle down and listen.

They worked for a little bit, but my sensory bottle at the time was kind of a flop.

So a couple of years later, I decided to try it again, but this time, just for fun and as a way to keep my kids busy and entertained for part of the day since we'd be home for President's day.

What You Will Need

  • Clear Plastic Bottle (with lid)- Any bottle will probably work, but I prefer the ones with a smooth side. For this project, I used left over bottles from Sparkling Ice. With 21 different flavors, it should be easy to find a favorite. You can either buy them as a pack or as a single in stores. 

  • Water
  • Clear Glue or Clear Liquid Soap (Dish or Hand)- For the project we did today, we used blue dish soap before remembering that we had some clear hand soap, but it still worked out. It's ok to use a colored glue or soap, but make sure that you can see through it and also be aware that it could change the color if you add food coloring. 

  • Glitter, Sequins, Beads (water beads), or Buttons- anything that is small enough to fit inside the bottle that you don't mind ever using again because once you use it, it's stuck in there. 

How to Put It Together

Step 1: Gather what you need. 

Step 2: Rinse out Clear Water Bottle so it's clean.

Step 3: Add water- the instructions that I got said to fill the bottle halfway with water, but I found that to be too much. Fill bottle 2/5 with water.

Step 4: Add food coloring- a little goes a long way. 

Step 5: Add beads, buttons, glitter, sequins- Choose just one, add a little of all- it's your bottle, add what you'd like. If adding water beads, be aware that they grow, so less is more.

Step 6: Add soap or glue the rest of the way. Leave a small space for air.

Step 7: Super glue the lid onto the water bottle.

Step 8: Shake or flip and watch the magic happen!

The sensory bottles my son and daughter both made.

My Tips and Suggestions

This is the second time that I have done this DIY Sensory Bottle and although it's better than the first time I've made one, there are still things that I would change.

This time, I filled the bottle halfway with water and then halfway with dish soap. I would make that 2/5 of the way with water and 3/5 of the way with glue/soap.

We used a blue dish soap, so when my daughter added her red coloring, it made a really dark purple. I told her that would happen, and she was ok with that. Clear is better if you want to make a true color.

I used a liquid coloring for soap. I didn't have a dropper, so I poured a little bit into each bottle and it made each sensory bottle darker than I would have liked.  Start with a drop of dye and add a drop at a time to reach your color. 

The blue sensory bottle shows the glitter and buttons, but the red/purple was too dark to show them. The silver and gold glitter show up, amazingly, though.

Hold your sensory bottles up to a bright window and watch it shine!


Enjoy your sensory bottle! It's a pretty quick and fun craft to make. Make sure that the top of the bottle is dry when you glue the lid to it or, there could be disaster, but once it's dry, you should expect a mess free activity that you can use to entertain your child for a while.

My kids are a little bit older, so their appeal didn't last as long, but it's something that they can enjoy when they feel the need too... kind of like a lava lamp!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine's Day Movie Picks

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Valentine's day is almost here and for moms and dads, it's not always realistic that you'll get to do something with your love, if you have a love. However, even if you have no one to celebrate the day with or if you're too busy to go out and do something, or you have the kids at home with you, there is always something that you can do to make the day feel special.

That's watching your favorite love movies.

I've compiled a list of movies with my favorites and some of my friend's favorites. Enjoy!

My Picks

P.S. I Love You- This movie is super sweet, super sad, and has Gerard Butler in it. Make sure you have a box of tissues lying around if you're going to watch this pick.

The Wedding Date- It's always awful when you have to be somewhere like a family gathering and you don't have a date to bring with you. Watch as Debra Messing solves this problem after she hires a very personal escort. 

Laws of Attraction- Sometimes, you get too busy with your life and career to remember to date and fall in love. Then, out of nowhere, it happens. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding- Sometimes, your family gets a little too involved in your love life. They mean well, but you can't always choose who you fall in love with and when you do fall in love, hopefully, your family will approve. 

Leap Year- Sometimes you just need to take fate into your own hands and make your love story happen. When that special guy is just taking his time, you gotta do what you gotta do.

No Reservations- I am a huge Catherine Zeta Jone's fan and this is one of my favorites. There's romance and sadness, so keep your tissues around. 

Darci's Picks

Valentine's Day- If the special day is in the title, it should be worth looking into, right? Plus,with all the stars in this movie, one of them is probably a favorite. This movie was a very popular pick because Julie chose it too!

Dirty Dancing- No one puts Baby in the corner. This classic is sure to bring you back and make you feel emotional. Do you remember your first love or romance?

The Notebook- Sometimes you think that you know what you want and it aligns with what your family wants, but then you find out that what you want is someone totally different, but you're not right for each other and yet, you can't shake the feeling that you are still meant to be together. Oh yeah, with this two film feature, including The Lucky One (my pick) you'll also get to appreciate how grown up Zac Efron got. 

Chris's Picks

The Princess Bride- This is probably one that my husband would pick. Yes, it's a love story, but there is also comedy and adventure in it as well. If you watch this movies and you've never seen it before, you'll have an "aha" moment when you realize that all of those movie quotes that you've heard repeated so many times before, come from THIS movie.

Notting Hill-  This movie is probably the reason why I love the song "Ain't No Sunshine". You'll love this movie and get upset with Julia Roberts and then love her all over again when you watch this movie. 

Desperado- I've never seen this movie, but maybe I should since I see that Antonio Banderas is in it. What do you think of this movie?

Much Ado About Nothing- This is another movie that I've never heard of and I think that it's probably a shame and it's definitely something that I do want to watch because it's from what the review says, it's a Shakespeare play and many of the actors and actresses are ones that I like. 

Die Hard 2: Die Harder- Ok, I feel that this Die Hard is probably an answer that any guy would give. I've yet, again, haven't seen this particular movie, but it has to be good because Die Hard has a saga or something like that. Look how cute Bruce is with hair!

Laura's Picks

Ever After- This is my all time favorite movie. I would definitely watch this version of Cinderella for Valentine's day, but I was waiting for someone else to pick it. 

The Proposal- There is nothing that helps you fall in love faster than forcing another person to marry you so you can stay in the United States... Unless those two people are Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds- Just looking at them could easily help the process along. 

Definitely Maybe- This is another Ryan Reynolds movie. I'm beginning to wonder if he ever ages because he looks the same. This is another great movie to watch, but when you're a parent and watching this, you're like, "Should he be telling his daughter all of these things?" This is the story of a dad telling his daughter how he met her mother by giving him three different love scenarios and having her guess which one belonged to her.

Natilee's Picks

Just Friends- Nothing says romance than being friends without benefits and being put in the friend zone. This is yet, another Ryan Reynolds film and he does look a lot younger, I suppose than he did in the other two films. This is also one of Stephanie's picks.

Holiday in Handcuffs- I think my sister may be just a bit weird. This movie is a Christmas movie about a woman who basically kidnaps a man to bring home to her parents so she doesn't look like a spinster lady. Eventually, they fall in love. I wasn't able to find it by itself, so if you want to buy it, you can buy it in a multi-pack!

Stephanie's Picks

When Harry Met Sally- It's been a really long time since I've seen this movie, so I don't really remember too much about it. It does have Meg Ryan in it and for a while, she was America's sweetheart. 

Pride and Prejudice- I was introduced to this movie ten years ago in college. I didn't think much of it at first, but now it's one of my favorites. Jane Austen's book has been made into many adaptations, but this one is one of the best!

She's the Man- This one is awkward and funny. It's one of Channing Tatums first roles and he captured many teenage hearts with this movie. Watch Amanda Bynes as she crossdresses and confusingly wins the heart of Channing Tatum.

Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day!

Here were just a few of my friend's and family's favorite movies to watch on Valentine's day. I really hope that you enjoy them and I hope that you're looking forward to Valentine's day this year! 

What are your favorite Valentine's Day movies?
What do you like to do for Valentine's Day?

Paint In A Bag- A Mess Free Activity For Your Child

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