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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Freezer Pop Sleeve

Summer is the time for those cheap Popsicles....You know what I'm talking about. They call by many names. I've always called them Popsicles, my kids call them Otter Pops, others call them freeze pops or icicles. Whatever the name, they're kind of the frozen staple of the summer.

Whatever their name, I've always kind of dreaded having them around because they are mouth scissors and I always end up holding them for my kids because they're always too cold for them to hold. 

There's nothing like getting frost bite and sticky fingers from something your child is eating. However, I still keep them around because they ARE cheap, low in calories and all that other crap, and the kids like them.


Thankfully, one very smart mom also saw the problem and inconvenience with this liquid sticky bags and started making her own holders for kids- AND they're ADORABLE!

There are more available at !!!

These holders made from neoprene (whatever that is) to keep your hands warm while also keeping your pop cold. Basically, it's like a Koozie for your freezer pop, but it's in cute shapes and feel oh so soft!

Brenda Kraus really got the idea down pat and does a wonderful job making these fun for kids and easy for parents!


As a mom, I absolutely approve and love these holders. The only time I have to hold a popsicle any more is when my child asks me to cut open the top because our scissors need sharpening again. I only got two of them to begin with and will definitely order more because my children all love to use them and one has to wait their turn while the other two eat their frozen pop. 

These are also great for frozen Gogurts and Pedialyte sticks, because it's no fun having to hold something cold to help you feel better.

Visit SqueeZaroo today and get your holders at $4.99 a piece, or be smart and take advantage of their discounts on the home page. This is one product that you won't regret buying!


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