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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Calling All Parents!

    When you are a stay at home parent, the opportunity to be able to socialize with anyone over a certain age becomes less and less. Most days, the only adult that I talk with is my husband after he comes home from work and the conversations aren't usually very exciting because we're both tired from his day of work and my day of making sure the kids stay alive and well.
    On weekends and on family dinner nights, I am able to spend time with my in-laws and that is very refreshing. Sometimes, when I'm driving, I'll have the opportunity to talk with my mom or one of my grandmas or sisters on the phone, courtesy of the Bluetooth in my tiny car. (I someday hope to be able to drive in a bigger vehicle again, on top of the road, ready to run the other tiny cars over on a whim- Ok, probably not run them over, but there's something about a tall vehicle that makes you feel like you can rule over the road.) While these brief conversations can help my day pass by and fuel my need for conversation, sometimes, they aren't enough. Sometimes, you need friends who aren't family to talk with.
    This last Sunday, I was invited to an early lunch with some of the moms that meet up for an occasional mom's group devotional time. One of my husband's and my dear friends will be partaking in a new adventure with their children to another town that we would need to make a special trip to go visit. As one of a last "hurrah" get-together, some of us moms met up to spend time with this mom who will be moving. This is what happened: We got together, we took some time ordering our food and then we talked. We talked about our children, we talked about our husbands (no bashing was allowed), and we talked about how each one of us was doing.
    Even though we all had different personalities,  many of the stories that we told were similar in tale. It's amazing that even though each of us were different ages, had children of different ages, and were in different situations in life, we were able to all relate. For the moms with younger children, I was able to relate to them how I was able to calm my strong willed child and give them advise for them to use if they wish. We were able to comfort those who were having a tough time. We were able to laugh about the misbehavior of our children that we knew shouldn't be laughed about, but it still ended up being funny. We were able to brag about our children in a way that wasn't overwhelming or boring because we hadn't told the same story to each other 10 times already because it had been a while since we had last talked. We were able to encourage each other and we were able to talk to each other in ways that we couldn't talk with our spouses or significant others because to sometimes lay our fears or stresses on them could cause some strife.
    Sometimes, you just need to get together with other moms just so you can talk and find comfort and release from every day life that you normally wouldn't be able to do.

    To our dear friends who are moving, I won't mention your name for privacy, but we hope and pray that you have a wonderful journey. I hope that you will be able to enjoy each other and your children with the extra time you gain. Enjoy the new memories you make, while not forgetting the old. I also hope and pray that you ill be able to find new friends and a good support system. If you ever come back to town, which I'm sure you will, if you have time, give us a call.

    I also hope that you moms or dads out there are able to find someone or a group of people that you can just hang out and talk with. It's good for you mentally and soulfully.

    Do you have a support system of other moms or dads?

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