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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Beauty and the Beast- Who Really Needed Rescuing?

  Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie growing up. Belle was beautiful and she got to live in an amazing castle that was enchanted. Once I got over seeing the scary Beast, the movie was magical and romantic. Plus, you know, there was that amazing library!

    When I heard that the movie was going to be remade with live characters, I was so excited! I had already enjoyed the remake of Cinderella and I LOVE Maleficent. I couldn't wait to see it and as soon as we were able to, I saw it in theaters with my husband. I was mostly not disappointed and the things that I didn't originally like grew on me. 

    As soon as the movie came out on Dvd/BlueRay, I had to get myself a copy so my kids could watch it. My kids are all still pretty young, so we had to censor for them a little, but they LOVED the movie too. My son loved it so much, he requested that we purchase the soundtrack because it had his new favorite song, Evermore on it.

    If anyone knows me, they know that I like to sing dramatically with the music. I was singing along with Evermore today, when I heard the lyrics, "Wasting in my lonely tower, waiting by an open door. I'll fool myself she'll walk right in and as the long long nights begin. I'll think of all that might have been, waiting here forevermore!" It was then that it really hit me; It was never Belle that needed rescuing, it was always the Beast.

   In the past, it was always the women who were damsel's in distress. Even in Beauty and the Beast, to some degree Belle was distressed when it comes to Gaston's harassment and constant pursuing, but you know what!?!? She was the one who took matters into her own hands. She didn't wait for the Beast to come save her, she saved herself. 
   We always see Belle as being held captive in this castle against her will. However, there was never anyone to stop her from leaving. She was always able to leave whenever she wanted to, she even escaped once and came right back after reverse rescuing the Beast after he rescued her from the wolves. She said so herself, she wanted so much more than her Provincial life and I believe that she probably saw an adventure in staying in the castle and stayed because of it.

    I think the only captive, the only person who ever needed rescue was the Beast. In the remake, the reason why the Beast behaved the way that he did was revealed. When he became the Beast, he was literally trapped in his castle. He wouldn't be accepted in the outside world. He also had plenty of time to think of his life, the things that he did wrong. He knew he did wrong and he desparately wanted to make it better. He tries to right his wrongs, but he still has this inner battle. Belle falling in love with him was the way to break the spell, but I think she also released him by accepting him. In the end he says, "I'm not a Beast!" It's just so profound! Yes, he could be referring to his appearance because underneith he's still a man, but I think he was freed by realizing that he didn't have to be beastly just because others believed him to be. It took one person who didn't already know him to believe in him for him to also believe in himself.  Belle loved him, but it was his change of heart that rescued him.

    What theories do you have? Do you think this is true?


  1. I agree with you, but I also never thought of Belle as needing saved. I always thought the beast was the one who needed to be saved. Not the typical romance.

  2. We don't often think of men needing help because they are "supposed" to be strong and able to fend for themselves, but men have their insecurities and injustices, too.


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