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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Body Double? Really?

     I may be behind in my news, but today, I've seen several posts on Facebook about Melania Trump having a body double. Some of them joke that Melania left President Donald Trump or that she doesn't want to be seen around him so they have the double to keep his image up. Most of the posts are mocking and this is what I have to say about it.

     Really? Having a body double is smart, regardless if she has one or not. Those around may joke about it, but think of all the hate mail and threats that probably get sent to the White House everyday against the President, first wife, or children. If a threat has been made, wouldn't it be smart to have a body double in order to save the First Lady? Someone may say that it would be cowardly to have someone stand in for you when danger is eminent, but I don't think so. 

     If something were to happen to President's Trump's wife, he could be enraged, devastated, furious... all emotions that wouldn't give the president a clear head. How could someone lead a country while being emotionally unstable? Wouldn't it be better to be cautious?

     Body guards know what the are doing when they sign up for their job. They know that their lives could be placed in danger and many of them do it for honor. Not everyone recognizes what honor is, these days, but that's something that others in different countries or cultures literally live and die by. It isn't cowardly to assign someone to protect an important figure in our country. Besides, the body guard probably literally, signed up for it.

     Did you know that in Star Wars, Padme had a body double. She had her double to get information. She was used as a political decoy. That was smart.

     Celebrities have body doubles in movies. Why? Because there are scenes which can harm them. If a movie doesn't have some sort of suspense or danger for these action movies that come out, the movie can get kind of boring. Also, with the way that movies are made now, we as a society, like for what we watch to look realistic. The body double helps keep that reality while also keeping the celebrities safe. It's smart.

      Before we assume and cry out conspiracy, maybe we should just consider that some people have bad days. I can't imagine that being the First Lady is easy. Perhaps, Melania is just stressing out or maybe she missed her last beauty appointment. Or maybe, just maybe, she does have a body double. It really isn't our business...  unless we never see the First Lady again, and all we see is this body double, maybe then, we can raise some questions about where Melania is. But in the meantime, a body double is smart. 

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