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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

How to Make Paper Chains

I love to make paper chains! Ever since the first time that I made one in Kindergarten for our 100th day, I've liked to make them.

As an adult, I never really had a reason to make any, but as a mom, I use any excuse to do so.

In my house, we make paper chains as a way to count down to something. At Christmas time, we make a red and green chain to count down the days until Christmas. In the summer we make one to count the days until the kids go back to school. It's just an easy and fun craft to do with the kids.

Making paper chains is also an excellent way to teach your kids counting, colors, and even helps their motor development. If you let them help, they get the chance to use child safe scissors, they learn patterns because you have to alternate the way the paper is laid out, and they get to practice their gluing. Teachers will also thank you for this.

What You Need

  • Paper- My favorite kind to use is construction paper.
  • Scissors- You'll need to cut the paper into strips. 
  • Glue or Stapler- I prefer to use the stapler when I do the chains on my own, but glue, glue sticks, or glue dots work well with children. 

How to Put Together Your Chain

I decided to make a chain for counting the days until spring. For this blog post, their are 43 days until the first day of spring. I decided to use what I felt like were spring colors.

Step One- Choose paper and colors.

Step 2- Cut into strips

I like to layer my paper and then cut them together. This cuts down time and strips are more even. Don't layer too thickly or paper will be difficult to cut.

Step 3- Make Chain. 

Fold the first strip so the ends overlap each other. Either glue the ends together or staple. Link the next strip through the hole in the first link and then glue. Keep doing this until you have a chain. 

Step 4- Hang

Once you've reached the length that makes you happy, hang the chain somewhere for you to see!

Step 5- Break off a link

If you choose to use your chain as a countdown, rip off a link from the end each day until you get to the last one. If you choose to use it just for decoration,  leave it alone. 🙂🙂🙂

Did you ever make paper chains in school? Which was your favorite?


  1. I remember making paper chains as a kid. I need to have my boys make some a craft project.

    1. I really enjoy working with construction paper. I've made a bee and an owl for two different crazy hair days for my daughter. I've been thinking about writing more craft ideas pertaining to construction paper.

  2. Okay, seriously bringing me back to grade school with this craft!

    1. I remember classes and the hallways being lined with green and red chains for Christmas.

  3. I remember doing this craft in elementary school! It's so fun, and a really great family or group activity!

    1. It's so easy and if you give your child a glue stick, they can work on it for a little while.


  4. It's a simple idea, but nice especially in effect to decorate a house maybe for a birthday party!

  5. I like this idea so much because it’s easy to do. That is really cute for any parties or events at home.

    1. We have four birthdays in the winter months, so our house is a hodgepodge of decorations.

  6. I remember making these in school as well, It was so much fun. My sons 5rd birthday is coming up, I think they will enjoy doing this just as much as we did. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow! These chains look so pretty! Brings back my childhood memories when I used to make them with my bestie.

  8. This post has me feeling so nostalgic. I remember making paper chains in school all the time. They were always so festive and fun to make.

  9. This is so crafty and decorative! This makes me go back to grade school!

  10. I loved making this! It’s so fun :D


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