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Monday, May 20, 2019

Using Silver Products to Help Mom Health

We're parents. We take care of all our little ones every day and our little ones can play and move and probably run a 5k with no problem because they are active.

Kids just have energy! So as moms and dads, our health is very important. If we are always sick or we are low on energy, parenting can sometimes be a chore. Lets face it, we don't get sick days off from being parents, either. It's very important for us to be healthy so we can raise our children to be the grownups we hope for them to be.

Let's Talk About Yeast, Baby

I want to talk to you about something that isn't talked about often. That topic is yeast- and more specifically, what it does to your body.

Yeast can be a good thing and many yeast rich foods like breads, can actually supply your body with vitamins that your body needs. Yeast helps your body with digestion and even helps your immune system fight of the bad germs that get inside our body.

That sounds great, right!?!? Well, it can be when there is a good balance. However, with so many of the foods that our bodies crave when we use eating as a way to combat stress as well as the different medications that we're on, we can easily eat and obtain more yeast than we need and that can actually be bad for our bodies and make it do weird things.

One thing that I learned is that yeast can cause fungal infections like, thrush (too much yeast in your mouth), yeast infections, athlete's foot, and for me, it caused weird patchy brown spots on my chin, behind my neck, my knuckles, knees, and even in between those two globular appendages that I nursed my babies, from. (Get why this can be an uncomfortable conversation, now?)

Along with these more common to diagnose problems, extra yeast, more specifically candida can also cause digestive issues, mood swings, chronic fatigue, and in some cases memory loss or forgetfulness, and well, it can also cause weight gain, as well.

Let's Talk About You and Me

Unless, you see these outward signs, and for anyone who's ever had a yeast infection (ouch) it's difficult to miss, you may not even realize that you have too much of it.

One of the many reasons why people don't suspect it is because there are so many other health problems that have the same related symptoms. If you're a parent, you're going to be tired, moody, and well, there's also the "I have mommy brain" saying, that is all contributed to being a parent.

I first leanred that I had a yeast problem as a teenager because of those patchy things. They were embarrassing so I became very modest with my clothing choices (which honestly, that's a good thing). When my mom noticed, she took me to the dermatologist and the dermatologist contributed it to excess yeast which is more common with people who have darker skin tone and since I'm part Italian with a little more olive skin than the blinding vampiric light skin that my sisters have, it didn't surprise him that I had this issue. So, he prescribed me some pills, called the condition a name that I've since forgotten, and then sent me on my way. 

It cleared up,almost right away, but I went off to college to do my own adult things and never went back for a refill because I just never thought about it.

The patches came back, but could be managed with regular showers and some powerful scrubbing, but showers and scrubbing never helped me with my steady weight gain, irregular moods, and the mommy brain that I still seem to have, even though my kids are easier to handle because they're 9, 7, and almost 5 years old. 

Let's Talk About Alkaline Silver

I was so exited when I was asked to review this product. Here's why:

Silver has been used to treat yeast and fungal infections for years! If you type in healing properties of silver in Google, you'll see that silver has literally been used forever to combat infections, diseases, blisters, and all sorts of problems. 

I had never heard of that, until someone I know was prescribed silver for healing a big boo boo on their leg. Because I'm a curious person, I had looked online and was shocked to see that silver is used in many different medications, even nasal spray.

So, when I got an email asking if I would review these products and saw that it could help many ailments and conditions, I said, "Oh yes! Please send me this!"

My Doctor Suggests

This is a real company! For over 30 years, the founder, Dr. Gordon Pedersen  has treated over tens of thousands of people with natural and safe solutions. He is a Naturopathic Doctor with a PH.D. in Toxicology and also has degrees in Immunology and Biology as well as many other board certified awesome names and has studied silver for countless hours and written about the many benefits of silver. 

The silver products that he sells, are different than many other products that are out there. His silver products are alkaline based unlike many other silvers like collodial silver. It is made to only target out bad bacteria like YEAST! You can read more about this product on their site,

Symptoms and Conditions that silver can help are:
  • Diaper Rash
  • Acne (I almost have a preteen- puberty is about to hit)
  • Skin Conditons
  • Yeast Infections (Did you know that even your baby daughters can get these. This can happen from improper wiping, low hygiene, and even not drinking enough fluids)
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Eye, Ear, and Nose- (Can someone say allergies? I've had an ongoing sinus infection for weeks.)
  • Cold and Flu
  • ADHD

I was super hyped up when I also saw ADHD as something that might be able to be combated. For over a year, we've known that my son has ADHD and my daughter was actually, just recently diagnosed with ADD. 

What We Received

I got a nice big box, which is a variation of one of the packages that you can purchase on their site. 

Included were 

  • Two Silver Solution bottles- You can drink 2 tsp twice a day or mix it with other things.

  • Silver Mint Mouthwash- I was scared to try this, but it's actually very gentle and it doesn't taste bad.

  • Two different hand soaps- These soaps smell amazing, lather well, and are even creamy.

  • Two different variations of Silver Gel- Can be used as a healing agent for cuts, scrapes, bruises, and even as a face wash.

  • Hand and Body Lotion- Blends in to skin easily and doesn't leave you feeling sticky.

  • Lozenages- Can be used for throat irritation, oral health, daily supplementation, and immune support.

My order also came with a spray bottle, an eye dropper, and a nasal spray bottle for you to make different health solutions.

Included in it was also a small book on Natural and Safe Health & Beauty Secrets for HER. This is a great book written about how to regain our youth, detoxing, and so much more, for women. I don't know if this is in all of the kits, but this book has been very informative.

It also included two very informative pamphlets on what is in the kit, what those things do, and even recipes for different way to use it.


Since using these products, those patches on my skin have been clearing up. I haven't had any return sinus issues since I've started using the silver solution. 

I've also given one of the gels, silver solution, and a bar of soap to a friend to try out. She says that her skin has been clearing up and she's felt better since using it.

If you're interested in trying these products, I've been given a code that can get you an extra 20% off of your order. Click MyDoctorSuggest20%off . 

Also, if this matters to you- MyDoctorSuggests even offers dog products!

Disclaimer- I'm not a doctor, so if you have any questions about the risks or rewards of this product, please ask your doctor. The My Doctor Suggests website also has so much more information than what I've given you. Please do not use this post for diagnosing problems as many of the symptoms above can relate to other health issues. Also, please don't order these products if you have allergies to trace minerals. 


  1. I don't have problems with yeast infections at my age but this would've been handy to have in my younger days. Going through those tough times of puberty led to some poor decisions when it came to hygiene and what I wore during certain seasons of the year so this article is great for teens looking to stay healthy.

    1. Excess yeast doesn't always present as a yeast infection. It can present as brain fog, give you mood swings, or show up as a rash or other skin reactions.

      Silver is used to treat may yeast related symptom as well as fungal infections such as athletes foot.

  2. I had no idea Silver was so powerful. I often get spots on my back and legs. I remember my dermatologists told me it was an overgrowth of yeast so perhaps the silver would help prevent it from coming back at least once a year.

    1. It seems so weird because silver is a metal, but it's been used for it's medicinal properties forever.

  3. I like that there are so many varieties of silver available. It gives you options to treat different issues.

    1. One thing that I didn't know, is that many nasal sprays actually contain silver in them.

  4. What a nice array of healthy and healing products. I love that everything is natural as well.

    1. My Doctor Suggest has a lot to offer and there are so many ways that people can combine them with other essential oils to meet many needs.

  5. Hello!

    I learned a lot of this information from my own experiences, Google, diet magazines, and from reading the My Doctor Suggests informational book.

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