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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Can you believe that it's almost Father's Day?

My youngest celebrate's his birthday in June, and so Father's Day is always in the back of my mind because I'm usually busy planning something for my son's special day.

I really should remember to focus on both- especially if I'm going to try to write a Father's Day related post.

However, as a last minute person, would I really be myself if I didn't also write this post last minute?

Thankfully, we have this online store called Amazon, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can get things shipped to you within two days and sometimes, they'll even deliver on a Sunday.

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links which means, should you purchase from that link, I'll receive a commission at no extra cost to you. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you don't have Amazon Prime, yet. You can get it by clicking the link below.

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Once you have it, it can be a time saver and also save you money on shipping and handling.

But enough about Amazon, here's a list of some great Father's Day Gifts that you can get LAST MINUTE.

Tools- For That Honey Do List He May or May Not Get To

We have saws and drills that we use every once in a while, but one thing that we always need and can't find are the tools that are supposed to be in our tool box.

Things For Grilling- Because Real Men Cook Outside

Real men can cook inside or outside, but there's something different about cooking on the grill. Food just tastes a little better. There are grills for outside, grills for inside, or just an open pit of fire for those fire loving pyros out there. 

Things for the Man Cave- Because Men Need Space, Too.

Whether it be the garage, shed, basement, a designated room in the house, or a closet, most of the men I know want to have a space that is just for them. 

Help them feel like they have a room just for them by letting them decorate it with the things they love. One bro-in-law likes the Avengers and more specifically Captain America, while another likes those Funko Pop figurines. Get Dad something that he likes. 

Camping Things- Because Sleeping Outside is Fun.

For years, my husband has been collecting camping gear. We've been planning to go camping, but we've been waiting for our kids to get a bit older.

Now that they'll all be in grade school, I think this might be the year that we'll get to camp outside somewhere that isn't our back yard.


Honestly, I usually buy snacks that my kids like and I try to keep things that I like to snack on out of the kitchen because it keeps me from eating all day. So, that usually means that my husband doesn't get snacks unless he takes them to work and leaves them there. 

Meat and Potatoes

It doesn't have to be meat and potatoes, but I know my husband feels appreciated when he gets to eat something that he likes instead of something that I fix up last minute that is probably something that the kids like. Many times when we have celebrations, we'll order in or go somewhere so no one has to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. 


Father's Day is a great day to celebrate dads all around the world, but we should also be thanking him all throughout the year. 

When I asked my husband what he'd like for Father's Day, he said, "Eh." Which I interpreted to mean, "Nothing, really. I can pick up whatever I need. Let's just relax, use the fire pit, and toss a ball around the yard."

In the past, my dad and my grandpa always enjoyed sitting on the couch and recliner to take a nap while baseball played on the television and then would say, "I'm watching that" through closed eyes whenever we tried to change the channel.

Spending time with dad and telling him how special he is, is a pretty great way to celebrate, too.


  1. I want everything!!! lol! Such an amazing list, love it. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I love all these ideas!! I haven't bought anything for my dad yet, so I am looking into your propositions now ;) Thanks for sharing.


  3. Time is running out and I still haven't had time to think about a gift for him, thanks for the ideas!

  4. This is so true. I have 2 birthdays in June, and this year, a bridal shower too. So daddy takes the backseat. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. my son and my niece have their birthdays three days apart. It's always busy. :)

  5. A giftcard can always be a good idea. I like the concept of ManCave items too!

    1. My husband doesn't have a room for a man cave, yet. I suppose I can give him the bathroom. haha.

  6. These are all great ideas. My dad is so hard to shop for because he just gets himself the things he need. A list definitely helps me out.

    1. My husband always does, too. In this case, I think experiences work well.

  7. That is a great catalog of items for dad. Any of those would be a super gift!

  8. Great suggestions. Anything to make dads feel loved and appreciated

    1. I think my husband wants to spend the whole day alone with the kids while I go out and get my hair done... Ok, probably not.

  9. This is a great list of Fathers days gifts for all types of dads and grandads. Something for all budgets.

  10. we celebrate Father's Day in Italy too but in March. We don't really buy presents though. It's interesting to see how things are different in other countries.

  11. It's nice there are so many suggestions. I am gonna take time to decide which one my dad would like it as gift. Amazon is helpful for me usually.


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