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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Book Review for A Love Such as Heaven Intended

Josephine is a woman who is accustomed to a certain way of life, one fitting for a woman who has been raised in a most prominent family. She's used to getting whatever she wants so when her dreams of becoming a feminist and also a famous writer are turned down by her father, she schemes to come up with an idea that her father can't refuse.

Although their agreement wasn't quite what she expected, she doesn't let the minor hiccup hinder her plans. Using her feminine wiles and her on-the-spot improvising skills, she's able to achieve the tasks that she has on hand. Thinking herself quite clever, she doesn't understand why others aren't more grateful for her charitable acts.

Michael, on the other hand has been spending his days in prison, whiling away the days until the war is over. Other than the new inmates who come in or the pedestrians who stop by the prison windows to talk to the prisoners, nothing extraordinary ever happens; at least nothing until the day that Josephine recognized him and called him by name.

Since the Civil War started, the year that he graduated a year early from Westpoint, meeting women wasn't something that Michael had the luxury of doing, so he couldn't remember a time of meeting her until he remembered meeting his roommate's love struck  kid sister three years prior. Could this woman be her?


As the third installment of the As Heaven Intended series, I couldn't wait to read this book. 

Josephine's demeanor was very different from the first two women in the series. She starts off too confident for me. She's the type of girl that I remembered in high school, you know, the really self absorbed type, but really she was just the same as all of us. 

It was very off putting and I wasn't sure that I would like this book because of her privileged, hoity toity attitude, but the more I read her story, the more I liked her.

I had to remind myself that she was just a teenager and still had a lot of growing up to do. 

As the book goes on, we see that she's actually a very caring person who looks out for others and because of her confidence and arrogance, she has more doors opened for her and her loved ones than someone would have who was more shy or timid.

Michael McKirnan gets reintroduced to us and we find out why his sister Amara, from the first installment, hasn't heard from him.

I loved seeing how the author intertwined the timeline with the first two books and still keeps the story fresh.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it.

If you'd like to read this book, you can buy it from this link, however, it is also available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for free with their subscription.

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