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Sunday, July 29, 2018

I'm a Mom Who Plays Dungeons and Dragons


    I wasn't really a nerd-type person when I was growing up, but I always enjoyed things that were considered nerdy. I liked to play video games like Ages of Empires or hack and slash games even though they always made me feel sick from all the motion. I also liked to write fictional stories with my friends. We had a made up alphabet that we used when we passed notes and created a land called Freesia that had fairies and elves.


     So.... When I got the chance to play games with actual adults, we started to play D&D. My first player was a half Elf Bard who liked to sing and dance and act out scenes. We have since changed campaigns and I'm now a Tabaxi- which is a cat- humanoid who like shiny objects and learning new things. 

      If you've ever played D&D or any other roll playing game, there is usually a world map involved as well as little game pieces that are used to be your character. While everyone usually choses a figure that resembles their character like this: 

This is the one that I've chosen to work with:

     It's Pikachu and he's adorable!!! While he may not be a cat person, he certainly looks like he has a cat personality. If I don't get to use him, I feel down and am sad if I have to choose a different figurine to play with. 

      So.... that happens a bit because this is my son's toy. He takes great pleasure in hiding Pikachu from me... Sometimes, I hide him from him. It's pretty childish, isn't it? Here I am, a grown woman, hiding my kid's toys just so I can play with him later. (I'm laughing as I type this)

      I've heard of parents hiding snacks from their children and this isn't the same thing. Shame on me!

How many moms or dads out there play D&D? Do you improvise with your characters? Do you have to hide things from your kids? 

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Hello! My name is Brittany and I'm a writer, obviously. As a stay-at-home mom, there are many things that I have to figure out in order to run a house that appears to be more sane than insane. It's not easy to be a parent and I hope that this blog is able to encourage other moms out there to live life happily and to understand that there can be mishaps along the way, but those mishaps don't define you and anything can be overcome with perseverance and will.

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