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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Amazon Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links and ads which means that if you purchase from one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.
Valentine's Day is a special day for those who are in grade school and those who have someone to share it with.

I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's day because I either didn't have anyone to celebrate it with or because I didn't have very much money to spend on it.

When my husband and I first got together, (13 years ago) we had decided to keep Valentine's Day small. We were both college students with limited income. So we always did small things. One year I made him a hat with a kid's size felt cowboy hat, some sparkly glue sticks, and then baked him some really bad, burnt cookies. Another year, we wrote each other letters with candy and pictures.

Now that we're older, we say that we'll be ok with just a date night, but that's hasn't been very realistic with having three kids and no time. We'll tell each other that we'll just skip this year, and yet, somehow, we both don't follow through and end up getting each other something anyways.

I've sent my husband cookies and he's sent me flowers. It's always fun when you receive something in the mail and with Amazon Prime, your Valentine's Day can be so much easier! You'll get free shipping on qualifying orders and most orders will arrive within 2 days- even on Sundays!

So, husband! If you read this, these are ideas that I wouldn't mind having... I mean, we're not planning anything, this year, again.

Gift Ideas

When date night is hard to come by, Netflix and Chill or Amazon and chill can be a nice relaxing time, especially when you either take home some dinner or have it delivered.

Grubhub is a great app to order from restaurants around you and try something new. (click the link to use my referral code to sign up.)

Or really, any of these gift cards can help, as well. 

If eating out, isn't your thing and you want a more personal touch, here are other ideas!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries-
or if you'd rather not spend so much, you can try to make your own arrangements-

Instead of the traditional flower bouquet, maybe try something like this Bouquet of Chocolate Roses!

Or maybe this Bouquet of Hersey's Chocolate is more to your liking.

Or maybe Cookies will do for you- (These are the kind I sent to my husband last year and they were awesome)

How about this Care Package?

And for those who don't like sweets, there are always Beef Jerky Bouquets that you can send.

Don't forget your kids! They might feel left out if they didn't get something from you. For your daughter- Minnie Mouse Candy Tin

Or your son or any superhero lover in your family- Captain America Candy Tin

And if you really want to go above and beyond for your dog, you can always get them this Heart Shaped Rope to play with.


Your cat will probably love these Catnip Shaped Hearts.


There's something for everyone on Amazon if you know how to look for it or have an idea of what you'd like.

Living in a part of the country where the weather is unpredictable, it's nice to have the option to be able to order online- especially those very cold days when I don't want to head out to shop after my husband gets home and it already looks like it's midnight even though it's only 5:30 PM.

Keeping this kid friendly, what things have you ordered online? Have you ever ordered something for a friend or family member?

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

12 Gifts Ideas That Mom Won't Hate

Disclaimer- this post contains Amazon Affiliate links which means that if you purchase one of the items below from the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

Finding the Perfect Gift

Christmas is coming and sometimes finding the perfect gift for mom can be hard and mom may end up left out on receiving gifts. We want to get her something that she likes, but we don't always know what to get her.

It happens, ya know. Mom has usually been in charge of getting all of the gifts and stocking stuffers, but sometimes we forget about mom. In some households, mom might not even receive anything except for that one gift that your child's teacher had the whole class do together in a chaotic crafting event.

Some men, just don't know what to do. I remember my dad giving us girls some money and it was up to us to pick out the perfect thing.... Girls! Not women. So we'd get my mom something from Claire's because it's what we would like or we'd get her a candle. There was always some thought put into it, but now that I think about it as an adult, my mom probably didn't care too much about that gift, but she liked it because it came from us.

Sometimes, we just don't know what to get mom, so we get her random things that we think she'll just love, and you know, she probably doesn't make it easy for you when you ask her what she wants. So the whole ordeal can be frustrating for the gift giver.

Let me tell you a secret. If you mom isn't high maintenance, like me, then we're just glad to be getting things that we need. Also, chances are, what we really want are new vacuum cleaners and  refrigerators. Things to make the house run smoothly. Seriously, my favorite things in my house are my newer appliances. At some point, I became weird and those things delighted me. Now, actually using them may be a different story.

So, I asked some moms, "What are some gifts that you wouldn't hate receiving?" The answers might surprise you because these answers also delighted them.

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The Winners Were-

  • Fuzzy Socks- Our toes get so cold and there is something comforting about fuzzy socks, especially those that are coated with aloe vera.
  • Blankets- Moms agreed that it didn't matter if we already had 10 fuzzy blankets, we still loved them.
  • Hot Cocoa/Coffee Mug- I don't drink coffee very much, but I love hot cocoa. If you get your mom a mug, get her some hot cocoa or her favorite coffee mix with it too!
  • Body Wash- Since I'm a mom with young kids, I don't find myself heading to Bath n Body Works often, so I don't get to try out those scented body washes except for when I'm gifted them. 
  • Bath Bombs- These are AMAZING! If you have a bath tub and mom likes taking baths to relax, these are perfect!
  • Books- I asked these moms, "Would you rather them gift you books or would you rather have a gift card?" The answers varied. Some moms said that they like to see what others would think they would like to read or they want to receive a book that means something to giver, while others said that they liked gift cards so they can pick them out.
  • Gift Cards- There may be something that mom has been wanting to get, but hasn't because the price has been high, so gift cards give them that extra push to get it and they don't have to ask for that expensive thing. You could do a generic visa so they can purchase whatever they want or you can do something more specific so you know that mom isn't just using her gift card for buying groceries.
  • Cleaning Supplies- I know that this may seem like a weird gift, but dish detergent or laundry soap is something that I often forget to pick up at the store and have to make a special trip to go back and get or it's just something that makes me happy. Some of my teacher friends said this.
  • Craft Supplies- If your mom is crafty, it's easy to be delighted in receiving ribbons or glitter. 
  • Chap Stick/Makeup- I love chapstick, especially this time of year, but mine always goes missing. I would always welcome chapstick. If you want to go the makeup route, see what your mom likes and get that brand or give her a gift card.
  • Handmade Items- We do like to receive that special potholder or ashtray/pen holder. It's a keepsake to see how you've grown and that you thought of us, even if your teacher forced you to do it. The thought really does count.
  • Laundry Baskets- This is number 1 on my list- I have a two story house with the laundry in the basement. My basket handles always break and I could always use more. The best part about this gift is that you can use it to hold any other gifts if you decide to do multiple gifts. 

I wish I could tell you that all mom's would love these gifts, but realistically, there are some out there who can get whiny about what they receive. I hope that your mom isn't that way, but for us average moms, this is what made the list from all the moms I polled.

But, let's remember that Christmas isn't just about receiving presents. It's about the birth of Jesus and spreading love and joy to those we know. So don't worry too much! Enjoy spending time with your family and friends and if you want to give your mom or the mom in your life something special and don't know what exactly to get her, try a few of these.

What is something that you always like to receive? What is something that you enjoy giving away?

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