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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I Love You. Goodnight, My Sweet Baby Boy



Generally speaking, I don't really write poetry except for when I'm writing children's stories. I feel like I'm putting myself out here by sharing this, although, I suppose that I put myself out there everyday with every blog post that I publish, but poetry is something different. 

      Here is something I wrote, tonight. It came to me when I was praying and asking for inspiration for a blog post. Before I said, "Amen" his incident I had with my youngest came to mind and verses were written. I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to share if it inspires you!

I Love You, Goodnight, My Sweet Baby Boy

It’s time to tuck you in and prayers are said.
You snuggle close and tight, as I kiss you goodnight.
“Don’t go mommy! Please stay a while.
“I’ve got to go!” I say and give him a smile.
I close the door and head to my room.
Netflix comes on and through it I zoom.
I zoom through the shows and pick one I’ve already seen.
I watch Grey’s once again and ignore the clothes that need cleaned.
Slowly the door creeks open and I let out a groan.
“What are you doing in here?” I check the time on my phone
“I can’t sleep without you. Can I sleep in your bed?”
“Fine, come on up here and lay still,” I patted his head.
He snuggles close and tight into the crook of my arm
He says to me, “I love you, mommy. Wow, you’re really warm.”
The show resumes and a stuffed pterodactyl lands on my chest.
I give it back to him and say, “Don’t you need him to rest?”
“No, mommy, I don’t. He was giving you a hug.”
He put him back where he was, my heart strings were tugged.
Thank you baby! That was really sweet. I’ll hold on to your toy.
I love you. Goodnight, my sweet baby boy.

I hope that you enjoyed this poem. Here is the link if you'd like to share it from a more direct source. I Love You. Goodnight, My Sweet Baby Boy

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Let's Talk About Music!

    Music is a very powerful thing; I don't think that's a statement that anyone can deny unless they were a psychopath who has no emotions. Studies have been made, articles have been written, and tests have established so many positive things about music. It can lift your mood or make you feel sad. Music can help you remember things and can even improve your health. Music is powerful.

Check out this Article
Or this one
Or even this one if you want to call bull on me. I don't know if they're all facts or just randomly written blogs like mine, but it should count for something that other people have written about music.

     Music, to me, is magic. It improves my mood, it steadies me, and more recently, it has amazed me more than it has ever before. I listen to my kids as they play and they are developing their own musical tastes. They are picking up songs that I listen to and they are singing them. I realize that they are making memories. Long after I'm gone, they're going to hear a song and they are going to think of me. I know this because every weekend, my dad would wake us (my sisters and I) up with the sounds of his 60s, 70s, 80s, and the hits of 90s and early 2000s. Those were happy mornings where we would all dance and sing and when I hear one of those songs, I get taken back. (Thanks Mary J. Blige)

     Music is also inspiring and one of the bands that has inspired me most has been my favorite band Lifehouse. It has always baffled me that they aren't more recognized. They've had many top hits and their songs have been featured in popular sitcoms including Grey's Anatomy and have made a song appearances in Vampire Diaries, and one very popular song in Smallville. I could list all of my favorite songs, but that would take all day. So here are two of their songs that I love that I don't think get enough credit.

Who is your favorite band and what songs have inspired you?

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