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Monday, September 3, 2018

Family Reunion


      If you have noticed that I haven't worked on my blog for a few days (Facebook has), you'd be right. I got the chance to hang out at my parent's house, this weekend for our family reunion. This has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. Some of my cousins were my very first friends and I love them all dearly, even if we have drifted apart.

     Every year, we meet at the same place at the same time for Labor Day. If things were to ever change up and we had to go to a different pavilion, I'm sure most of us would all show up here anyways and make whoever got to rent it out first, move over because this is our spot. (They already took our baseball diamond.)

      Things have changed so much since I was a child. For one thing, that blue cover wasn't there and all our food was always laid out on the picnic tables where everyone is huddled at on the left. Someone finally said, "We've grown so much, there's no room for us if we put our food here. Let's pop a tent thing and have our food go here." 

      Another thing that has changed is the park area. When I was younger, the park area here was a fitness park. My cousins and I would climb the fitness bars and if you could get to the top one, you were pretty cool. 
      They were kind of like this except I want to believe that the shorter bar was a little shorter and the sides were wooden and half of the attempt to get up there was also to try to get up without getting two inch splinters.

       They have removed the bars several years ago and replaced them with an actual park.

       It's that yellow thing way back there. This is something that I would have enjoyed when I was younger, but my cousins and I occupied ourselves with paddle boating, canoeing, or playing baseball, if we weren't trying so hard to climb those bars or looking for tadpole in the man made pond. 

My Great Aunt paddle boating with her daughter and nieces (aka- my cousins)

     One thing that hasn't changed throughout the year is the food!!! I loved seeing my cousins and all of my aunts and uncles, but I also loved the desserts and awesome food that everyone would bring. I think my kids liked the same thing. 

     My oldest kept cracking me up because he kept taking his plate back to the buffet to grab more... He's so much my mini-me in so many ways. If you notice, there is hardly anything NOT a dessert on their plates. I rationalized that we were going to my grandma's (on the other side) afterwards and they could eat something there. 

      We had a great time and I was able to get a selfie with my baby girl. 

Got to travel with #MyTravelingSpider

     And I even got to bum around with my my youngest sister's b/f while she was on tour with her band Thistle and Lace to Iowa and then next, Oregon! 

Hubby trying out Virtual Reality Game

One of the games he tried. 

     I even got to hang out with my grandma and grandpa and played Uno. I forgot to take pictures. (Shame one me) All that was missing was my other sister and her wonderful family, but she just started a new nursing rotation (She's a traveling nurse- I'm super proud of her) and they weren't able to make it. (Give the kids hugs and kisses from Aunt Brittany!)

      If you have family and you don't have a reunion, you're missing out! Even if you see some of them all of the time, it's a great excuse to come together, hang out, tell stories, and eat yummy potluck food

Friday, August 17, 2018

Thistle and Lace

  Every teenager who loves music has probably thought about becoming a rock star or some sort of musician in their life. I've always wanted to go out and sing, but life took me in a different direction. My sister, however, has gone out and done what I've always wanted to do. She and Thistle and Lace is helping every person relive the past through their renditions of hit songs throughout the years.

About the Band

     Thistle and Lace consists of a husband and wife duo (Jon and Ashley) from Dixon, IL (the hometown of President Ronald Reagan) who formed the acoustic group in 2016. Ashley wows us all with her sweet and soulful voice that effortlessly hits all the high notes that us altos have always dreamed of reaching while Jon smoothly sings to us with his bluesy/grunge/folksy/alternative rock voice as he picks away at his guitar, sending all the women into a swoon and making men wish they were him. A year after they started, Natilee (my sissy!)  was invited to join the band offering her rock/gospel "Melissa Ethridge" like voice, complimenting the other two voices, which created an unstoppable,  harmonious force that pleases the listener's ear. 

      The group offers all the fun hits and are fun to watch with their easy, comedic banter. It's hard not to dance and sing along as they perform. Thistle and Lace, while providing a fun time for all is also very family friendly, too. My kids enjoy listening to their cd when we're driving along in our car. Their favorites are River Deep, Mountain High (Ike and Tina Turner), Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Creedence Clearwater Revival), and Listen to the Music (The Doobie Brothers). Every song is clean and full of energy and are hits that never get old. But why listen to me? I may be a little biased because I have a sister in the band. Here are some great testimonials from others:

"From the initial contact to the night of the event, the trio went above and beyond for our needs. We requested 70's music for our 70's theme. I know for a fact some of the songs performed were new in their repertoire just for us. Most importantly, the crowd had a blast!"
-Knoxville Hospital and Clinics Foundation

"We were SO pleased with Thistle and Lace!!! They were absolutely fantastic and did such a great job! Very professional and wonderful music was perfect for our event! We received many nice compliments from our employees. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"
-UPM Raflatac

“Best National Anthem we’ve ever heard! THISTLE & LACE was fantastic!”

First time I heard them was at the Hummel Annual Pig Roast. I was mesmerized by how good they were. Beautiful clean and clear voices, and absolutly wonderful guitar, never missed a beat. I only hope I get a chance to hear them again.

Follow Their Facebook Page

     The group loves to keep us all up-to-date with their Facebook Page at . The page shows all of their updates, new song,  things that had happened to them that day, as well as asking for song suggestions. You feel like family and like you've been friends as long as you can remember. It's always interesting to see what they will post next. Will it be something silly? Serious? Or will you be able to enjoy watching the mini concert that they performed just for you?

How about this mini concert?

Promotional Video

      There's also some good news! Thistle and Lace will travel to sing for you or any event that you will hold. Here's their promotional video, see what they can offer you! (Thistle and Lace will bring all necessary equipment including lights, instruments, speakers, and of course vocal talent)

      Since the making of this video, Thistle and Lace has only gotten better, perfecting their harmonies and show presence. To view prices and booking dates, visit THIS website.
    There's some more good news! If I haven't convinced you that this band is great, their music speaks for itself.

     If you loved that (how could you not), you can purchase their CD HERE.

     If you love music and you love the classics and hits of today, you'll love Thistle and Lace. Don't forget to join their Facebook page for upcoming events, to book a gig, follow news, and to purchase band merchandise to show that you're a fan! Also, please show some love in the comments and share with someone who you think will enjoy this fun eclectic band!

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