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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A New Way To Teach Your Child Multiplication

   Learning new things doesn't always come natural to everyone, especially when it isn't something that you like. For me, that thing was multiplication. I didn't see the need to learn it and I had a really difficult time memorizing it. Eventually, it kicked in, but I really wished I had a different way to learn.

      I was delighted to learn that there is a different way to learn from my son's third grade teacher. This is the year that they are really going to focus on multiplication. I'm so grateful that this teacher makes learning fun. Everything in her classroom is designed to help the student think for themselves and learn. So when we went to curriculum night, she gave us a few pointers and my favorite was this one. No longer do you have to figure out how to use a numbers graph to get your answer.

     Now you can print out numbers with all of the answers on 
them and I made it easy for you by creating a printable

     In this picture, you see the number three. In order to find out what 3x3 is, you start at the number three and count to three to get the number 9. This works for every number that's in the printable. The video below shows you how to use each number to find your answer. Pardon all of the noise. I sent my children upstairs, thinking it would be quieter, but it was actually louder.


      In the printout that you can download for free, all of the numbers are plain. I used construction paper when printing to make the numbers more colorful and laminated them for shine and durability. 

I hope that you will can use this tool with ease and enjoy it! 

What ways have you taught your kids multiplication?

Click here for the free printout.