Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What About the Rights of Others?

    We live in a world where everyone is offended by everything. Right now, someone is saying, "I'm offended that you think that way!". While I  believe that there are admirable reasons to protest, I also believe that many protests are just selfish and could be done in a better way. While we are defending our offenses, many times we are attacking others.
    Let me explain. Today, I saw a video about a graduation at Notre Dame. Vice President Mike Pence was the speaker and during his speech, hundreds of students walked off in protest. I'm extremely naive about current happened, facts and fictions, and news. I know that Mike Pence has things going against him and also things going for him. I'm not going to debate his credibility because this post isn't about him. This post is about the students and parents who didn't protest.

    College is a BIG deal.  A person had dedicated 4+ years to studying and being able to stand before the crowd, your family, your friends to accept that EXPENSIVE diploma is HUGE. For some people, they are the first member of their family to graduate and that experience is precious. Imagine about to see your son or daughter lined up, ready to transition to the next part of their life and all of a sudden, other students mock that graduation by walking out? Why? Because they didn't like the speaker? They didn't believe in what he stood for? Graduation isn't about the speaker, graduation is about the student and their accomplishments.

    Another thing that bothers me is mom-shaming. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I remember going on to a mommy board and was talking about how much I couldn't wait to see my daughter. I was probably 34 weeks pregnant at the time and the moms took something so small and made it explode. I started to read, "How could you want to see your baby at 34 weeks? Don't you know that they need to go the 40 weeks?" and blah blah blah. It just kept going on and on. The more that I tried to defend myself, the more these moms continued on a witch hunt. Have you noticed that people today can take anything that you say and manipulate it to a point so they can argue it and berate you? Didn't I, as a pregnant woman, deserve the chance to talk about my pregnancy and my excitement to see my cute baby without getting shamed online?

    What about the protests that happen when protesters walk the streets and start to riot, block traffic, and loot others' things? The protesters may have an admirable cause, but what did the business that happened to be on the street do to them? What about the people who have to get to work on time or the ambulance trying to get somewhere? Didn't they deserve the right to, I don't, get to where they needed to go without getting delayed or having their cars dented in?

    Well if people don't agree with how we protest things, where are they? Why don't they speak up for themselves?  Maybe we don't believe in conflict. Maybe we believe that it doesn't matter what we do, someone is always going to find a way counter it. Maybe they are doing it the same way that I am, they are writing about it making people aware that there are always two sides to every story and if you are going to get your point across, how about we don't interfere with the innocent bystanders?

    The people who graduated the other day, they aren't going to get that moment back. That day should have gone perfectly. It should have been about their accomplishment and instead that moment was stolen by those who didn't agree with one person. That wasn't a protest, that was theft. That was stealing the moment of someone else.


  1. It will be their lose for walking out on their graduation day.

  2. I agree with you. I get really bothered by the way people protest. It's not peaceful, it's rude, hateful, dangerous and violent. People definitely do not take into consideration those people who are innocent and what not.


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