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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Guys.... I Want a Castle

     This isn't a typical family blog post, today, more like fancy thinking. Living in a castle has always been something I wanted to do as long as I can remember. Even in the movie Tangled, by Disney, Flynn Rider says, "Guys, I want a castle" and I totally relate. I have always loved reading the different renditions of King Arthur and his knights, and one of my favorite movies is Ever After which is a different take on the story of Cinderella. Castles, beautiful dresses; I just love it all.

      One of my great-aunt's is touring Italy, right now and she visited a castle. I'm super jealous!

I took this picture from her Facebook page..... My inner child is squealing with delight.

     I know that it is probably impractical to live in a castle. I mean, the amount of money that goes in to keeping it up is probably more than anyone who isn't rich can keep up with and it's just the five of us and our two dogs, but think of all the guests that we can accommodate. Slumber parties will be epic. Ok, so it might cost a lot to cool and heat the place, but maybe we'll each have our own fire place. Everyone can have their own wing. ("What's in the west wing?" Belle "It's FORBIDDEN!" Beast- Beauty and the Beast) I'd imagine that hide and seek would be much more fun and I, for one, would be super excited to find hidden rooms and such.

      I'm also pretty specific about the look of my castle. For some reason, I don't like the pointy round ones like this.

      Yes, it's beautiful and the country side is gorgeous, but I like the more square kind. I suppose they feel more historical to me and I think the rounded ones remind me more of cathedrals then castles. 

     Ok, so this last one has is a little rounded with points, but it's so pretty with the ivy growing up on it and it's more simple. 

      I guess, instead of living in a castle, I could settle for visiting one. I hear that Scotland, Ireland, and other countries across the big ocean have them... (I know they do). I think a friend told me that I could stay the night in one in Ireland. That could be REALLY fun!

     And if I can't manage to have a castle, I might be very happy to settle for nice little estate like the one that Mr. Bingly had in Pride and Prejudice

But I'll also settle for something like the Bennet's place too. The history and the setting and all the intricate details is all very picturesque and romantic, and I think that's what I really want.

      I think that Disney might have ruined me by giving me such high expectations. What do you think? Could you live in a castle?

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