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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough

One thing that I don't like to have on hand because of the mess is Play-Do. I shouldn't be so insistent about not having it around, because I really enjoyed playing with it as a child and I was allowed to play with it at Grandma's.... Hmmm.. I don't really recall playing with it at home, though. I guess that's because Grandma doesn't mind the mess.

Whenever my kids play with Play-Do, it ends up getting mashed into the rug or in little Suzie's hair, or getting shoved up a nose or somewhere where you don't want that colorful mess to be.

However, there really isn't a no Play-Do rule in my house and in the winter time I find myself running out of idead for my kids to do that aren't always "Go watch tv or play a video game. Sometimes I like for them to do something productive like clean the house and pick up their toys, but on those days where I JUST DON'T want to hear them arguing with me or picking fights with each other, Play-Do sounds like a pretty good thing to have on hand.... But wait, I don't have any. 

So what should I do?

I know! Make some of my own!

How to Make Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough

What You Need for Play Dough

Making play dough is about the easiest thing you'll ever do in your life. For this recipe, we just have to ingredients: 

  • Any fun things you'd like to bring out. I like to use sprinkles, candy eyes, chocolate chips, and whatever other fun edible things I have left over from previous baking experiments. 

How to Put It Together

Seriously, this is so easy, just mix together 1 cup powdered sugar and 3/4 cups peanut butter. If the dough is still sticky, add more peanut butter.

It's so easy, even I can do it!

I had to hold his hand back for the picture, otherwise, every time I tried to take a picture of him eating the dough, it was already in his mouth being consumed. 


Let me tell you, I was very frustrated when taking pictures for this post. I had cleared a space (because my whole counter is always filled with something) wiped it up, and made the dough without a hitch. 

I took pictures along the way and had some really cute pictures of my son pulling and shaping the play dough, just really digging his fingers into it and making faces with the eye candies and such and then when I went to look at them, my memory card had stopped working! All of those pictures never saved! 

I ended up using my phone to take pictures, but by then, my son was finished with playing and starting to get a little tummy ache from eating so much.

If you don't want to waste the dough and you're not squeemish, you can melt some chocolate and make some peanut butter balls or as Indiana-ites call them- Buck-eyes.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Paint In A Bag- A Mess Free Activity For Your Child

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My kids are messy when it comes to arts and crafts. When they were younger and even more clumsy, I used to rip a head and arm holes into garbage bags and throw them over my children's heads so they could wear them and the bags would act as aprons to keep their craft off of them. Then I would lay table clothes on the floor under them so that clean up was easy and efficient.

I always want them to be creative, but I don't like the headache of cleaning up after them.

Imagine my delight when I first heard of suggestion of painting in a bag. "What's that?" you ask?

Oh, it's so simple! You literally put paint into a gallon bag and then let your kids move it around.

What You Need

  • Clear Gallon Bags- I find that those that zip work better because they seal better. 
  • Paint- Any type of liquid craft paint should work. I recommend something that's nontoxic and washable for the kids. (It should be obvious, but no spray paint or paint for a house with toxic fumes)

  • White Sheet of Paper- I used computer paper, but any sheet of paper will work. 
  • Tape- (optional)  Masking or something wider than clear tape works best. 
  • Glitter- (optional)

What to Do

Step 1: Pour in any colors that your child likes. Try to keep them separate from each other so your kids can work them together. Add colors that blend into different colors. Ex: Pour red next to yellow for orange. Add glitter, if you'd like, but you'll need a lot of it to show.

My daughter wanted pink and white so she could make a lighter pink.

Step 2: Seal the bag and tape over the white piece of paper. The tape is to hold the bag in place. I skipped this step because I misplaced the tape. The paper is there to help as background of sorts. Once your child has finished blending, they can run push the paint around and make "pictures" with the white background. 

Step 3: Enjoy!


This is an activity that my kids like to do. 

Unfortunately, now that they are older, it doesn't hold as much appeal for them as it used to. My daughter who is seven likes to play with this for a few minutes before wanting to paint "for real". Perhaps if I had more of the other colors that she likes, she would have played longer. 

My youngest who is four, still enjoys doing this more and spent more time playing with this. 

I think that if we were in the car, traveling, this would be a huge time passer as long as the paint stayed in the bag. 

Questions for you

What do you think of this project?
Are there any tips that you'd recommend?
Have you tried this before?
Are their similar projects that you've done before?

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