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Monday, November 6, 2017

What They Didn't Tell You About Pregnancy- Eyes

   There are so may things that are associated with pregnancy. Things that most people know or think of when you think about what could happen to a woman when she's pregnant. For instance:

     Pregnancy glow! When you see a new mother, what do you hear in movies or say in real life? Girl, you're glowing! That could be from happiness or sweat from your body temperature rising. It's usually meant as a compliment when someone tells you that you're glowing, but I was in the percent of women who perspired more than I would have liked, so I just would roll my eyes while thanking them.

Not my best pregnancy glow picture, but there is definitely a baby in that belly (Look at that bad perm choice!).

     Another thing that people associate with pregnancy- Cravings!!! Pickles and ice cream anyone? Ok, that was never me. I usually craved chocolate milk or jalapeno poppers.

     Morning sickness- Ok, so not all women get that- lucky you! I had morning sickness all day until like 4:00 PM during my whole first trimester and for a short time in my second trimester. I was lucky to have my grandma, who took such good care of me, live so close. Without her care, my oldest child would have probably set the house on fire or something while my head was in the toilet. Yay retirement!

      So... What are some things that you don't really realize or understand until it's happening to you? I'm going to write a little miniseries about those horrors and, hopefully, it will be funny. This first one, however is about...


      So, what is astigmatism? Astigmatism is when your eye isn't rounded the way it is supposed to be so when light enters your eyes, things can appear blurry or distorted. Let me highlight the symptoms that I have from the following list:


  • blurred or distorted vision at all distances
  • headaches
  • excessive squinting
  • eye strain, especially when the eye has to focus for long periods, as in reading from paper or a computer monitor
  • difficulty seeing at night

     Along with telling me that I have a really cool birth defect in my eye (a random speck that everyone has but it normally goes away at birth, but mine didn't and it was totally awesome for him to see), my doctor told me that I had developed a slight astigmatism. I can wear contacts that are developed for astigmatism since I already have near-sighted vision, but he said that the likely cause of developing this astigmatism at my age was because of my pregnancies. Do you remember that pregnancy glow that I was talking about earlier? Women get to have like double their volume of blood during pregnancy or something like that. All of that extra blood actually changed my eye shape a little bit. Don't worry, though, this doesn't happen to everyone. It probably happened already because I already had eye sight problems.

     This is how it has affected me: If I'm wearing my glasses when I'm in a dark room or outside, you may see me randomly duck or get startled by something. That's because the shadows that come in through my peripherals made me see a shadow that made my brain think that a bat was flying towards my head. My latest astigmatism figment of my imagination was when I was standing outside at my parent's house during their housewarming party. I think I might have even been wearing my contacts at the time. I was talking with my brother-in-law (I think) and I jumped, might have even screeched because the power box on the pole that I was standing next too in my parent's yard, looked like a random man standing beside me and he hadn't been there before. I of course figured out what had happened at the time and had to endure the endless mocking.

     I'm also more granny like when I drive at night. It's better with my contacts so I try not to drive with my glasses, but some nights I forget. I used to love driving in the rain and at night, but now, not as much because random ghost bodies appear (not really) but it is a hazard.

     If you suspect that you might have astigmatism and haven't been to the eye doctor in a while, get your eyes checked out. Contacts are life savers and if you must drive, it's better to drive with contacts vs. glasses.

      Have your eyes changed since pregnancy? Do you see random things that aren't really there? Tell me your weird pregnancy stories!

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