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Monday, November 13, 2017

What They Didn't Tell You About Pregnancy- Hair


When you see a pregnant woman walking down the street, you'll most likely spot her with her hand over her round belly, protecting and comforting the life that is growing inside of her. If she's very far along, she may even be supporting her back with her other hand as she also waddles along the sidewalk. Her hair is long and gorgeous and she's glowing.

     Strangers smile at her and may even reach into her comfort zone, unasked, and touch her belly. People generally seem to be nicer to her because she is pregnant. She may be snippy, or she may not be. A woman in that delicate situation can be unpredictable. I mean, why not? Her feet have grown, she's developed astigmatism and has already jumped at the 5th bat that came flying at her that day only to find out that it was just a weird shadow that her peripherals misinterpreted, and she's hot.

      That luscious hair that has grown so long and shiny is making her sweat. Not only that, she was unprepared for the hair that grew elsewhere. The hair on her toes has grown, her leg hair is long and unreachable for a shave, and weirdly enough, she's grown hair on her stomach. You read that right, she's practically sasquatch.

According to WebMD:

How does your hair change while pregnant?

Pregnancy can affect your hair in a variety of ways - and not only the hair on your head. Hormonal fluctuations affect different expectant mums in different ways, and you'll probably also find that your hair changes more than once as pregnancy progresses. Your hair will most likely become generally more lustrous and thicker than before. You'll probably find it seems to be growing much more quickly and you're visiting the hairdresser more often. Make the most of it - having thick, glossy locks (unless it's normal for you, even when you're not pregnant) is one of the upsides of pregnancy, but one that doesn't last for long after the birth.
Changes that can prove to be more lasting include a darkening of your hair colour or a reversal of its normal texture - or maybe both. Lots of expectant mums find that their previously poker-straight hair becomes curly, or vice versa, and remains that way. Some naturally light-haired ladies find they're darker-haired in pregnancy and beyond. For some women, these changes are permanent, although there's no way of predicting this.
Lots of mums-to-be notice hair sprouting more profusely all over their bodies, with leg, arm, facial and pubic hair becoming thicker. It can be a bit embarrassing, but is not usually really dramatic. Chances are if you've noticed this happening to you, you're the only person that's very aware of it, with the possible exception of your partner. Any hair overgrowth tends to drop out again unnoticed within six months of giving birth as your hormones normalise. In the meantime, avoid any chemical hair-removal products like depilatory creams as these could get absorbed into your bloodstream and cross the placenta to your baby.

     I got the best and worst of all worlds. The hair on my hair got thicker (that would have been awesome, but I already have thick hair), it grew longer, it was shinier, and my hair started to curl. It made for easy days when it came to styling my hair.  Unfortunately, my stomach began to sprout dark, embarrassing hair, (Sorry, TMI) and have you ever tried to shave when you're far along? The closer to my due date, the more I tried to shave and paint my toes. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my doctor made a joke that she must not be ready to leave yet because I could still paint them... Um... Doc, you have no idea the effort and torture that I went through to get that done for you and everyone else who might be in the delivery room with me.

     Fortunately, for all of us, the hair disappears within a few months after giving birth. When we are ready to go back out into the world and want to make ourselves presentable, again, we won't have to worry about that belly getting in the way and we can stop shamefully shaving those weird places that were just embarrassing in the first place--- Not that anyone else really knew that because we are civilized, after all, and weren't running around in the nude all day.

     What weird things happened to you during pregnancy? Did you grow hair in weird places, too?

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  1. Been there! The part I hate is the emmense shedding that occurs after your hormones normalize. My hubby calls it wookie Hair. Ha!


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