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Thursday, November 9, 2017

What They Didn't Tell You About Pregnancy- Foot Size

When we think of pregnancy symptoms, we always think about the pregnancy glow, morning sickness, and heartburn, but there are some side effects that some women don't know about and they wonder, "What on earth?"

We've already talked about how pregnancy can change your hair, the way you sleep, and even your eyes, but there are still more symptoms that no one talks to you about. The symptom/side effect that we'll talk about today is foot size!

At five foot four inches, I'm about average height, so you'd think that I'd probably also wear average size shoes, where the average woman's shoe size is between 7 1/2 and 9.

Before pregnancy, my shoe size was a 10. Do you know how hard it is to find some cute shoes or any shoes in a size 10? Shoe shopping has always been kind of depressing for me. Stores don't always carry the same shoe in a 10 as the do for a 9.5. With only a half size difference, shopping for shoes in my size is like shopping for plus size clothes. We size 10 shoe wearers get the short end of the stick. We get the ugly or plain shoes while you size 8s get the cute sneakers or dress shoes.

Guess what size I wear now?

After giving birth to 3 children, my feet have grown a whole shoe size, size 11. At 5'4'' I feel like I have Bozo the clown size feet.

It doesn't always happen to every woman, but the hypothetical reason it does is because when we're pregnant, the additional weight can cause our arches to flatten, therefore elongating our feet. Our hormones may also loosen the joints and ligaments, which can make our foot structure more bendy.

I'm not a doctor and my information comes from random websites and my own unfortunate experience. A change in foot size does not happen to every pregnant woman.

All I know, is that it got even more difficult to buy shoes. I'm probably closer to ten and a half, but you know what, I rarely, if ever see that size in stores. I just know that if I wear a size 10, my toenails feel like they are going to fall off and if I wear a size 11, my shoes will mostly fit, but my feet slip around and clumsy walking is what I do now.

What do I value more, toenails or soft feet? Cute shoes or comfort? I suppose flip flops are a perfect alternative for the summer months and then after that, I can break out my granny shoes.

Have your feet changed in size? Did they ever go back to the normal size?

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  1. When I was preggo with my first born I was very disassembled by the size change to put my feet in a shoe. I remember even tearing up. (Could have been the horemones too) I haven't really boight many shoes since pregnancy so I can't give a true size change, but I'm sure I continue to need wide sizes.

  2. I'm not even sure if my dress shoes even for.


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